Camping Gear Essentials Emergency Supplies

When you are going camping, there are a few things that need to be put in your camping gear when it comes to emergency supplies. Emergency supplies are things like flares, flare gun, flashlights, extra batteries, first aid kits, or a radio.

Things to consider putting in an emergency supply kit are ready to eat meals. Try buying these on-line or from your nearby camping or army navy store. More camping gear to look at is purified drinking water and equipment to purify extra water supplies. You might want to think about bringing along extras like batteries, a flare gun, flares, and a radio. Also, a blanket, breathing protection, a tarp for shelter, if your tent or you get lost away from your base camp, all good ideas.

Another useful thing to bring in an emergency pack. Something to keep in touch with a whistle or radio. It should have a respectable range and the ability to switch to monitored channels. They also make emergency beacons, which connect to clothing that gives off something comparable to a homing signal. This enables rescuers to find you easily. These camping gear items are all things that should be considered in an emergency supplies kit.

Bring enough food and water reserved to last at least three days. If lost during camping or running into bad weather, these things can definitely mean the difference between enduring small issues and ending up with major ones. It is also a good idea, along with having an emergency kit, to check in with rangers in charge of the area. Let them know you will be out where you are planning on going and check-in when you are back.

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