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  • Joe Biden says Facebook spreads ‘falsehoods they know to...
    on 01/17/2020 in cda, communications decency act, facebook, fact checking, gear, joe biden, mark zuckerberg, misinformation, politics, section 230 at 11:39 am

    In an interview with the New York Times, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said the US should immediately […]

  • HBO’s ‘Avenue 5’ asks what happens if tech bros...
    on 01/17/2020 in armando iannucci, av, avenue 5, eben bolter, entertainment, hbo, space, space travel at 11:15 am

    If you thought that HBO was done mocking technology companies now that Silicon Valley is done, think again. Avenue 5 is […]

  • Steam might be coming to Chromebooks
    on 01/17/2020 in business, chrome, chrome os, chromebook, gaming, google, linux, personal computing, personalcomputing, steam, valve, video games at 10:52 am

    Google is reportedly working to bring Steam to Chromebooks. Kan Liu, director of product management for Google's Chrome […]

  • Ben & Jerry’s made a binge-worthy Netflix and Chill’d...
    on 01/17/2020 in ben jerrys, entertainment, food and drink, food-and-drink, foodanddrink, ice cream, netflix, streaming, streaming video at 10:31 am

    With official support from Netflix, Ben & Jerry's has announced a new flavor called Netflix and Chill'd. The […]

  • Pigeon-inspired drone bends its wings to make it more agile
    on 01/17/2020 in gadgetry, gadgets, gear, pigeonbot, stanford, tomorrow at 9:25 am

    To be able to develop unmanned aerial systems (UAS) more maneuverable than current models, roboticists are drawing […]