Sleep Pods and Float Cabins – ITW Cocoon

The ITW Cocoon

Pod Beds and Sleep Chambers. just like this one, improve your health and wellbeing.

Externally, the ITW Cocoon, based on a futuristic-looking cocoon of the silkworm, certainly promotes a feeling of peace and comfort. Similarly, the lightweight dome elegantly surrounds the inner wellness lounge for privacy and relaxation away from the outside world.

The designers also say the Cocoon itself promotes an atmosphere of seclusion and an almost weightless feeling of comfort. The ITW includes a water mattress to create a floating sensation while relieving your muscles form any stress.

Gentle lighting, included in the inner membrane once closed, creates a therapeutic experience for the user. The Cocoon, designed to whisk you away from your stressful day-to-day life, floats you above the clouds as a relaxing escape.

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