The Silent 55 Solar Powered Luxury Catamaran

Silent 55

Ever wondered what it’d be like to glamp on water?  Turn up the luxury with the Silent 55 and enjoy “Piro-ping!” Get it; it’s like glamPING but for those pirate wannabees who need a little extra fluff.  Maybe it’s cheesy, but we’re trying to start a trend here! 

the silent 55
SILENT 55 – Silent Yachts

With its electric propulsion noise, polluting fumes, and vibration are significantly reduced.  It’s able to go to 16 mph and comes in 5 different layouts so you can find your ideal captain’s quarters.  Expansive portlights and flush deck hatches allow for plenty of natural light.  You have the freedom to control the temperature of your cabin with the aeration system in place. 

In the galley, there’s ample refrigeration space to sustain the crew on their voyage, and the induction cooktop is a nice touch requiring no burning of fuel.  With ample room on deck and spacious cabins, having fun in the sun looks positively regal!  If you wish to add a sail, then know it’s entirely possible! There’s no doubt that the Silent 55 makes for a great pal for any modern-day pirate wannabee, or person wanting to simply connect with the sea.