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Awesome Tents for Camping and Glamping

Awesome Tents for Camping With these awesome tents you could find yourself camping like an explorer or glamping like the[…]

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10 Vintage Campers That'll make you miss the Good ol Days Minds Eye Design

Classic Campers that Paved the Way to the Modern Day

Classic Campers that paved the way to the modern day The word ‘vintage’ strikes a chord in most of us,[…]

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Innovative Vehicles and Personal Transports 2019 - 2020 Uber Elevate

Innovative Vehicles and Personal Transports 2020 Featuring Uber Elevate

The far-reaching ride-share company, UBER, is planning what they see as the future of transportation, aerial ride-sharing. In 2023, Uber plans[…]

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New Personal Watercraft available in 2019 – 2020 | Sealegs Electric E4

Making amphibious crafts for 17 years, Sealegs has come out with their new watercraft, the Electric E4. A little bigger[…]

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Solar Power Quiz – Test your knowledge

Ahoy mateys, did you realize that solar power is the most abundant energy source on earth? By turning to more[…]

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